"I was suppose to have surgery for sinuses. It was cancelled due to polyps and cysts shrinking up from the salt cave." D.S.

"Psoriasis has improved tremendously since starting the Salt Cave. Sinus issues have also improved. I'm on my feet all day at work and my knees do not ache like they used to. I am a firm believer in the Salt Cave. I am also allergic to deodorant and the Crystal Deodorant Egg works great!" B. W.

"Over 8 months ago, I was diagnosed with arthritis in my spine. For months I have taken Tylenol and some Celebrex to help with the inflammation. Every morning before I could get started with my job, I would take Tylenol which just took the edge off. My friend told me about the Salt Cave helping her with breathing so I decided I would try it. After the second week in the Salt Cave I noticed one morning that I truely did not have any pain at all in my spine. No pain getting up and down in a chair, none getting out of bed or going up and down stair steps. Then it occured to me that I was not even taking Tylenol! I truely feel that the Salt Cave has really helped all of the inflammation that I had in my back and feet as well as my breathing. Every inflammatory problem in my body seems to have resolved." S. Wagner

LL said, “I put a lamp in my son’s bedroom back in November. He had asthma attacks EVERY night. After one night with the lamp, he has not had one at night since. Now he’s using the salt cave to try and improve his breathing for track season. As an added bonus of being in the cave, his skin is even clearer!”
LY said “I was skeptical at first that the cave really helped my allergies…and that of my grandson. We were visiting once a week for several weeks. Perhaps it was just a “coincidence” that we were feeling better. Then one week we were unable to get in for our weekly visit. I was so congested that following week and so was my grandson…we will not miss another week. I have been able to get off of many of my allergy meds….and all of their side effects!”
RE said “ My mother was able to get rid of her migraine headaches. She feels so much better!” 
LH said” I bought a lamp to put in my bedroom as I have so much arthritis pain in my hands.  I take pain meds daily and have for years. The very next day I was out of pain! Thinking this must be a fluke, I was skeptical at best. After a week, I went in to use the cave to see how much better I might feel. After 2 weeks, my pain has not returned and I feel like a new person….and I no longer need the pain meds!”
DS said “After using the cave for several months, my rotator cuff problems have disappeared! Amazing but true!”
AD said “Hard to believe but my hot flashes have gone away!”
JM said “ I had gout in my big toe, I buried my foot in the salt in the cave, as suggested, and when I left the pain was less but still there. The next morning I got up and had no pain. After 2 weeks, it has still not returned!”
DF:  Had knee replacement and comes into the cave after each of her physical therapy sessions.  It helps with the pain and the healing.
CH:  Has increased her lung capacity from 22% to 47%.  Her oxygen levels are greatly increased as well.  She is able to talk a lot better with having increased oxygen levels and a lot more energy.