Alkaline Water

Change your Water      Change your Life

Alkaline Water is the solution

The Alkaline Ionized Water System available at Simply Health Salt Spa, produces pure water that works to restore an individual’s pH levels.  It’s free of all contaminants and acts as an extremely potent anti-oxidant.  In addition, alkaline water detoxifies and super-hydrates your body.

Acidity comes from three sources: food, pollution, and stress. When you are over-acidic, you are more likely to experience weight gain, pain, fatigue, depression, memory loss, chronic infection, etc.  Drinking alkaline water helps the body balance acidity at the cellular level.

Alkaline Water is absorbed by the cells six times faster than tap or bottled water, enhancing tissue repair and waste removal. Because of this, we recommend not drinking the Alkaline water 30 minutes before or after taking prescription medications. It is recommended to drink with vitamins, minerals and other natural supplements.

Our unit has 3 levels of alkaline water: 8.5, 9.0 & 9.5 on the pH scale. We recommend starting on the lowest level of 8.5 for a few fill ups and then continue to go up at the same pace. 


Purchase Alkaline Water to take home. $1/gallon         BPA Free Bottles available for sale $5-$11

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