Guided Meditation Classes
So often we are frustrated by our inability to quiet our minds which keeps us from deepened states of consciousness.  In guided meditation, the mind follows the voice into deeper dialogue with the Self.   The meditations arise in the moment from the energy and desires of the group.   The classes are in combination with the healing properties of the salt room, these classes offer healing on all levels.  
Facilitator, Carol Lindsay has maintained a private holistic healing practice since 1988 and has been leading meditation classes since 1990.  Please join us for a deep, fun and inspiring adventure!  Classes are held in a Himalayan Salt Room. Combine the benefits of Meditation & Halotherapy during these hour long classes.
Full Moon Meditation
Allow the beautiful full moon meditation to bring you into the present moment and rejuvenate your body and mind.  Align with the cycles of Nature for greater health! This meditation is done sitting in the beauty of pink Himalayan Salt Crystals which provide energy and its own healing properties. You will leave feeling deeply centered in your life and your place in the Universe.
Facilitator: Carol Lindsay
Cost: $20 
Full Moon Dates: 
Saturday, December 18 1pm-2pm
**Masks required