Would your feet enjoy a “walking on clouds” experience? Would you like a whole body increase in relaxation without a full body massage? Foot reflexology just may be your answer.

A hallmark of reflexology is increasing relaxation, while decreasing stress, anxiety and pain. It is a form of therapeutic massage for health and well-being that’s performed while you are lying down with only one foot uncovered at a time.

The idea of foot reflexology is that, in addition to relaxing and bringing more circulation to the feet, they can be divided into zones and points that may reflex into the rest of the body to relax and relieve discomfort. Some zones are horizontal with the toes corresponding to the head and so on down the foot; and some zones are vertical from the inside to the outside, following lines from the toes downward. Individual points may reflex to points in the body too.

Reflexology treatment is already supported by evidence-based research showing it reduces stress, anxiety and pain. There are increasing numbers of clinical trials of reflexology for specific health issues too. Though we are aiming for overall increased well-being and relaxation with each session being customized to you, you can investigate the research by using this link from the Reflexology Association of America:


30 minute sessions / $30 


Our 30 minute Reflexology Session takes place on with our Amethyst BioMat or Jade Massage Bed

Choose one of the following:

30 minute Jade Massage Bed session $20

30 minute Amethyst BioMat session $25



Consider adding a hot butter hand treatment $5


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Barbara Newell, MA, LMT completed the Mt. Nittany Institute of Health massage therapy intensive training in 2005. She entered this field as counterpoint to her tech-neck from constant computer use (and now enjoys helping techie clients too). Myofascial, Swedish, other modalities, and a sense of presence are what she uses to accomplish a muscle releasing and pain reducing meditative massage. Barbara keeps professional perspective by researching health and eco-related issues and writes and reviews massage therapy articles. She also teaches meditation and movement, studies yoga and dances.